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Most popular payment method in Mexico

In Mexico, 61% of the Mexican population is unbanked. 21% of online transactions are in cash.  OXXO as a payment option in Shopify offers immediate growth.

Fraud free payments

Online orders paid with cash

Access new customers

61% of the population is unbanked

OXXO Locations

18,000+ locations across Mexico

Familiar to customers

21% of online orders are in cash

Better Conversion

Increase in conversion rates by 5-7%

Reduce Abandonment

Reduce cart abandons by 10%

OXXO & Boleto as a payment methods

OXXO is the largest alternative payment method in Mexico.

Shoppers order items online, select OXXO during checkout and receive a voucher.  Customers can use the voucher to pay in cash for their online order at over 18,000 OXXO stores in the country.

White-glove service

Shopify + OXXO + Stripe integration

Stripe implementation of OXXO payments within your Shopify store is completed by Growthmill's team of Stripe Certified professionals.

How implementation works:

1.  We connect your Shopify store to the Payoffline Platform
2.  A new payment method is configured in your store
3.  Shopify customer communications and order status are extended to present OXXO vouchers
4.  Connect a new or existing Stripe account registered Mexico
5.  Start selling with OXXO!



USD $0.00 / month

+ $1.75 per transaction*



USD $5.99 / month

+ $1.25 per transaction*



USD $14.99 / month

+ $1.00 per transaction*


* Standard Stripe fees also apply.